Fort Vancouver Mobile - A video overview

Courtesy of: Research Assistant Aaron May of Washington State University Vancouver's Creative Media and Digital Culture program. Produced in 2011.

Video highlights from the apps (36-minute version)

This montage provides a sampling of some of the video media in the Fort Vancouver Mobile apps. This app is much more than just a video distribution system, but these videos show the variety of content, from expositional segments to new journalism to those intended to prompt the development of interactive narratives.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thanks again to the National Park Service (and The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication)!

The National Park Service once again has shown its support for the Fort Vancouver Mobile project; this time by donating 25 messenger bags to be used for the media production kits we are creating at WSU Vancouver for students in The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication. These kits will include cameras, monopods, microphones, etc., for the use of creating digital media in situ at places such as the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

We constantly will be refining the kits to adjust to the technology of the day, but regardless of what's in the bags, we still needed the bags, and Greg Shine, chief ranger at Fort Vancouver, stepped up to help us. Our first addition to the bags will be Canon PowerShot Elph cameras, and other related accessories, donated by supporters of The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication in Pullman. So thank you again to the Murrow College as well!

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