Fort Vancouver Mobile - A video overview

Courtesy of: Research Assistant Aaron May of Washington State University Vancouver's Creative Media and Digital Culture program. Produced in 2011.

Video highlights from the apps (36-minute version)

This montage provides a sampling of some of the video media in the Fort Vancouver Mobile apps. This app is much more than just a video distribution system, but these videos show the variety of content, from expositional segments to new journalism to those intended to prompt the development of interactive narratives.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Redesign: The launcher icon ... launched

We recently wrapped up the redesign of the launcher icon. From the start, we wanted to match the style and look of the National Park Service's Capitol Mall app. We also wanted to, in the spirit of the interpretive nature of the app, to have a metaphorical layer to the image. The gate of the palisade, elaborated upon in earlier discussions on this blog, ended up becoming our symbol. Designer Marsha Matta created the work and then had to size it for the various devices that could access it (that's a much longer story). But, in the end, I think you can see the continuity of the look, with this Fort Vancouver version comparing well to the original:
One note about the text underneath the launcher icon; on the Android home screen, the text is abbreviated, but on the interior screens, at least on Android, the text is presented in full as "Fort Vancouver." Another interesting quirk here. Android devices for some reason do not allow screenshots (or at least not without a lot of external work), so I shot this image with my iPhone, then cropped it with Photoshop.

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